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Tales of King Arthur fabric by uzumakijo on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Inspired by the (many) stories of King Arthur and his legendary adventures, which were first brought to public attention by Sir Thomas Malory in his book Le Morte D'Arthur written in 1485, these stories had been passed down generations and embellished as time went on....who knows which parts are real - if any? There does seem to have been a real Arthur and his body is said to be buried under Glastonbury Tor where he is resting until such time as he is needed, then he will rise to protect Britain once more!.....however his body is also claimed to be buried in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, the remains of which were discovered by monks coincidently and quite fortunately just as they needed a huge sum of money to repair the buildings of the Abbey...who'd have thought? I love the whole Arthurian Tradition and have spent a lot of time over the years in all the significant places in the Tales, especially in Tintagel and Glastonbury, in fact my son's middle name is Tor as he was conceived at Glastonbury Tor....but that's a whole different story!!! The elements I've chosen to feature in the design are Arthur pulling Excalibur out of the stone, Merlin the prophet, magician and wise man who was advisor to Arthur, The lady of the lake to whom Excalibur is returned when no longer needed, and Guinevere (Arthurs Queen) and Lancelot (his finest knight and friend) who fall in love and in so doing are the downfall of Arthur and his kingdom. Oh the Grail features in there too...The quest for it by the knights is a huge part of the tales of King Arthur, however the Christian Grail stories were added on to the Arthurian legend much later than the early Celtic origins of the Tales.

Tales of King Arthur

by uzumakijo
Inspired by the (many) stories of King Arthur and his legendary adventures.
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