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Green Bandana fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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There's green, green, and more green in this big, bold, bandana print. It is like the inhabitants of a box of Crayolas all went on a protest march and escaped. You get green flowers and green tendril leaves that snake like arrows. You get rounded hexagons of green flowers in columns alternating with rounded rectangles that are equally green. Kermit was wrong about his color. It is very easy to be green in this universe.

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The boring fine print (that is actually the same size as all the other print): The size (scale) you see displayed in all Spoonflower offerings is actually only a suggestion. In my case it is the size I personally wanted for my eight inch proof of the design.
Because this is custom printing designs can be made in any (technically possible and reasonable looking) size. You can even order the same design in two sizes, such as a yard of big and a yard of small, to use together.
This does take communication and co-ordination with the artist. But do not think that the scale you see on the screen is the only way the design comes. If you need tiny and the design is big, or you need larger, you can buy a design you like that way.
Some designers can adjust colors. I can’t really because these are hand drawn designs. Though computers were obviously used to process them, no computer was used to create the original art. So, if you want all the colors the same but the whatchamahickey red, I can’t do that. But scale I can customize.

Green Bandana

by edsel2084
. To see more of this artist's work you may use the keyword 2084.
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