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FloridaHoliday_11 fabric by tallulahdahling on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This very small print could be subtitled "Frolicking in the waves", as tiny people and tiny fish play in a tiny sea.......... A mama fairy, a papa fairy and lots of little ones live in this fanciful garden of black and white. How many little darlins can you find? :) Please zoom.... NOTE: I bought this fabric for myself in Cotton Sateen, and it was a sharp, clear print and washed beautifully. However, a while back when I bought more Cotton Sateen, I found that the quality had changed. It was no longer as vibrant or sharp of print, and it faded badly in the wash. I wrote to Spoonflower and they tried to fix things up, but the next swatch I bought was only better, not good enough, so I quite buying Cotton Sateen.... I have not tested it for quite a while. It may be back to standard, or not. If you really want the Cotton Sateen, I recommend getting a printed swatch and washing half of it. Then compare with the unwashed half. If you like the result, go ahead and buy your full amount.... The fabrics I've tried (and I have not tried all of them) that have clear, vibrant colors, sharp printing and wash beautifully are: Cotton Poplin.... Silky Faille (polyester).... Performance Knit (polyester).... I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones I can vouch for first-hand..... Of course, it's always wise to buy a swatch of any design before you purchase a large amount. Computer screens often do not show colors accurately. My laptop screen shows colors as significantly bluer than they print. So if it's important to match your Spoonflower fabric (or anything you buy on the Internet) to something you already have, please do not trust your computer screen.


by tallulahdahling
This very small print could be subtitled "Frolicking in the waves", as tiny people and tiny fish play in a tiny sea.
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