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Summer Gnome Toy fabric by cutesypoo on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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INSTRUCTIONS 1.Cut out gnome and circle from outside colour, not on the dotted line..that's for sewing. 2.Using a window or light table trace dotted line onto the other side of fabric. 3. fold in half along the straight edges lining up the dotted lines with each other and forming the cone (printed image on the inside), sew along black dots of back of gnome starting with the top of the hat then stop when you get to the white colour hair. 4. Leave the white colour hair unsewn so you have a hole for stuffing later. 5. Sew along dots for the orange shirt and stop at end of bottom of the shirt, you will now have a cone gnome shape. 6. Pin circle to bottom, colour side in. I use 8 pins myself (4 in each quadrant and one in between each of those. 7. Sew up bottom. 8. Cut relief cuts along the bottom circle so it will have a nice shape and trim the tip of the top hat so it is nice and sharp. 9.Turn right side out through the hole you left open, 10. Stuff with stuffing, this is tricky but start at the tip with a chopstick and slowly stuff your way down, 11. Hand stitch up remaining hole! Voila! Your very own cone gnome!

Summer Gnome Toy

by cutesypoo
Large Summer Cone Gnome brings a sign of warmth and playfulness! These are the large versions and stand approx 10" tall and are ideal for bringing joy to your indoor garden! I recommend the Heavy Cotton Twill fabric for best results!
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