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Stocking Up for the Holidays  fabric by inscribed_here on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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I can’t wait to hang my Stocking Up for the Holidays. In fact I’ve had this stocking cut and sew pattern socked away in my mind for a while now in anticipation of the festive season. I’m hoping Santa has been Stocking Up for the Holidays because I’m sure I’ve been good this year and deserve plenty of treats. He’ll hit the Bullseye if he leaves Humbugs for me but just in case he misses the mark I’ll be Stocking Up for the Holidays - and that’s no Humbug!

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* Thin, fusible, iron-on fleece (or batting) will be required for a quilted version of this stocking.

* A generous seam allowance has been included around all pattern pieces to allow for alternate methods of construction.

The following instructions are for a fully lined/reversible stocking.

1. Cut out all pattern pieces on the outer, cutting line.

2. Cut out matching stocking pieces from the fusible fleece and iron onto the back of the stocking pieces, according to manufacturer’s instructions, for both the shell and the lining pieces.

3. Quilt these pieces.

4. If you use batting trim away any excess.

5. Join the two outer pieces together right sides together, leaving the top open.

6. Repeat previous step for the lining stocking BUT leave a 4 inch space unstitched half way up the seam at the back of the leg.

7. Cut a piece of fusible fleece to fit the finished size of the cuff piece. Iron it in place onto one piece.

8. Stitch the two cuff pieces together, right sides facing, along the bottom edge and up both ends.

9. Before turning right sides out trim back all seams to a scant quarter inch (with pinking shears if available). Only clip curves if necessary.

10. Turn cuff and outer stocking right sides out.

11. Make up a strip, from the provided diagonal striped fabric, to use as a hanging loop for the stocking. Cut a strip 1 1/2 inches x 10 inches, fold in half lengthwise, right sides in. Stitch 1/4 inch seam down the length, then turn right side out. Press then fold to form a loop. Align raw ends of loop with RIGHT side of the top edge of outer stocking at the back seam, loop end pointing to heel. Stitch in place.

12. Pin cuff to top edge of outer stocking with the open ends lined up at the back of the stocking.

13. Stitch in place with a scant 1/4 inch seam.

14. Slide inner stocking over outer stocking, right sides facing. Be careful to align seams, making sure that stockings are lined up toe to toe and heel to heel.

15. Pin in place, then stitch all around the top seam line.

16. Carefully turn stockings right sides out through the gap in the back of inner stocking.

17. Close the gap in the seam with a ladder stitch or blind hem.

18. Decide which stocking will be on the outside today. Carefully push the other stocking to the inside. Flip down cuff.

19. Hang Stocking Up and wait for wishes to be fulfilled!

Copyright © 2010 by Isabella P. All Rights Reserved

Stocking Up for the Holidays

by inscribed_here
I can’t wait to hang my Stocking Up for the Holidays. In fact I’ve had this stocking cut and sew pattern socked away in my mind for a whil
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