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Egg on my head hat fabric by victorialasher on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Now you can have egg on your head without having to wash your hair. You choose how "fresh" you want your egg. Add fusible interfacing to the back of the white, if you want a "Picture hat" quality to your hat. Or, recommended preparation, allow the egg to "drip" naturally, as a fresh egg, over your ears. You can decide the most flattering angle to wear your egg; even partially over your face, if desired. Manufacturer's warning: designer is not responsible for egg getting in your eyes. Elastic strap or fasteners are recommended to keep egg in place. Egg is not edible, do not attempt to scramble egg. Do not expose egg to butter or other oils. Do not attempt to cook egg. Do not place in oven. Do not expose to flame or other heat source.

Thanks to "inscribed_here", this is now available as a microwave heating bag*. You can trim the white edge from the yolk, or simply cover it with the stitching. Sew the yolk to the egg, using a zigzag stitch around the edge, without stuffing it (your egg won't appear fresh, but considering you will be using it over and over how fresh would it be anyway?) If desired, you can trim the egg to a more uniform shape. Choose any fabric you like pin the fabrics, right sides together. Trim the backing fabric even with the egg, sew around the edge, leaving an opening to add your filling.

Here is a site where you can find suggestions for fillers and instructions for using your egg: Tipnut; and thanks to "Tipnut" I now know that these can also be called: wheat bags, bed buddies, stress busters, magic bags, corn cozies, and rice bags.

Thanks to "connielou" this is now available as an infant costume. Instructions in comments below.

Egg on my head hat

by victorialasher
Multiple creative uses for this gigantic "egg": A Hallowe'en hat, a microwave heating bag, a baby sack, for stroller or costume. The possibilities might be endless. More below and in the comments. Please post a picture of your project so we can all enjoy.
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