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Blue tulip tapestry by Su_G fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Bright and pale blue tulips woven with gold on a blue background dotted with small white dots. A re-imagination of a woven textile from the Ottoman court studios (a remnant of the original is in the Davidson Museum in Denmark).
© Su Schaefer 2014

The same design is also available reversed 180 degrees 'Blue tulips woven with gold and silver'. Related designs are 'Tulips woven with gold and silver' - pale blue tulips on a bright red ground, and 'Aged tulips with gold and silver' - darker blue tulips on a worn and 'aged' dark red ground.

Apparently, at certain times, the Sultans in the Ottoman empire banned the manufacture of textiles like this, as they used so much gold and silver thread that they drained the empire's precious metal reserves.

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Metallic oil and chalk, basic repeat.
[Currently set @ Fabric: 225 ppi (FOR MYRIAM, USUALLY @ 450 & proofed @ 450 ppi), Wallpaper: 300, Gift wrap 450 ppi]

Blue tulip tapestry by Su_G

by su_g
Bright and pale blue tulips woven with gold and silver on a blue ground dotted with small white dots. Metallic oil and chalk. © Su Schaefer 2014
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