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Ancient Egyptian color plaid fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Ancient Egyptian color palette in a faux woven, ribbon-work, or plaid form.
© Su Schaefer 2014

Proofed on basic combed cotton as shown in the second thumbnail above. I'd expect this design to print 'as seen' in any of the synthetic fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap.
This design began as a color palette test for a potential Synergy Challenge Collection, but gained a life of its own along the way (the color palette remains a work-in-process). You can learn more about the Synergy Challenge project at The Synergy Challenge Project.
This restricted palette is a set of modern equivalents of colors from Ancient Egypt as follows:

colourcode code - description
040404 - lamp black
c5c5c5 - silver
180e02 - ivory black
ffffff - chalk white
e9d67a - gold
fefff3 - lead white
0b354d - indigo
0a1861 - lapis lazuli
031883 - azurite
0d2fa3 - Egyptian blue, deep
76b8c4 - Egyptian blue, light
3ba05c - malachite
29a95c - verdigris
9accb3 - chrysocolla
17c9cd - turquoise
f3b024 - orpiment
f9d26d - lead antimonite
e4a228 - yellow ocher
e48100 - ocher
e24510 - realgar
d2280e - red lead
bd3b1b - red ocher
a30119 - madder lake
bc0025 - carmine lake

Line art, basic repeat.
[Currently set @ Fabric: 187 ppi (proofed @ 187), Wallpaper: 125, Gift wrap: 187 ppi]

Ancient Egyptian color plaid

by su_g
Ancient Egyptian color palette plaid (see below). Line art. © Su Schaefer 2014
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