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Ancient Egyptian color plaid by Su_G fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Ancient Egyptian color palette in a faux woven, ribbon-work, or plaid form.
© Su Schaefer 2014

Printed on basic combed cotton - 2nd thumbnail above - and cotton voile yardage - 3rd thumbnail (double click for a clearer view). I'd expect it to print 'as seen' in the polyesters, wallpaper and gift wrap.
This design began as a color palette test for a potential Synergy Challenge Collection, but gained a life of its own along the way. This is version 2 with improved separation of the greens in particular (thanks WeavingMajor!). You can learn more about the Synergy Challenge project at The Synergy Challenge Project.
This restricted palette is a set of modern equivalents of colors from Ancient Egypt as follows:

colourcode code - description
040404 - lamp black
c5c5c5 - silver
180e02 - ivory black
ffffff - chalk white
e9d67a - gold
fefff3 - lead white
0b354d - indigo
0a1861 - lapis lazuli
031883 - azurite
0d2fa3 - Egyptian blue, deep
76b8c4 - Egyptian blue, light
3ba05c - malachite
29a95c - verdigris
9accb3 - chrysocolla
17c9cd - turquoise
f3b024 - orpiment
f9d26d - lead antimonite
e4a228 - yellow ocher
e48100 - ocher
e24510 - realgar
d2280e - red lead
bd3b1b - red ocher
a30119 - madder lake
bc0025 - carmine lake

Line art, basic repeat.
[Currently set @ Fabric: 187 ppi (proofed @ 187), Wallpaper: 125, Gift wrap: 187 ppi]

Ancient Egyptian color plaid by Su_G

by su_g
Ancient Egyptian color palette plaid (see below). Line art. © Su Schaefer 2014
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