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down on the farm fabric by bippidiiboppidii on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Chooks and sheep and apple trees, tyre swings and barley, windmills and dams, scarecrows, tractors and free ranging dogs... makes me homesick for my childhood on a farm in South Australia... but this farm is so much more GREEN!

I just wanted to have a bit of fun with this theme, so I unpacked the paints from their hidey hole and had a play with my brushes, made a great big mess and then had to work out how to put it all together on the screen! It might not be a masterpiece but I had a hoot :)

I was a little bit inspired by Hundertwasser and his wonderful pattern-y paintings and a little bit inspired by the work of the Australian Central Desert Indigenous artists, some of whom do these wonderful paintings that are kind of aerial but then they paint features like cars flat against their landscapes. My favourite would have to be Niningka Lewis. There's also a bit of influence in there from Marina Strocchi who paints very design-y paintings (which would make wonderful fabrics) with elements all boxed together at different scales. And lots childhood memories thrown in there as well...

NB - There appears to be a glitch in the repeat in the display here - but there's not! Something funny going on there... the printed fabric doesn't show a glitch...

down on the farm

by bippidiiboppidii
It's a dog's life, but someone's gotta do it...
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