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All the Zombies A Girl Could Want fabric by whimzwhirled on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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One of the full time jobs I had was with a company that made animated haunted house scare props like the guy in the electric chair or the dead guy that sits up in the coffin and more. My job was to paint and stylize the props that were a pinkish latex out of the molds. I added all the color and found them outfits to wear. I made them look real scary. That job was located in the old Lemp Brewery that was haunted. Time magazine had it at #7 on it's list of the 10 most haunted places in the world. lol It was haunted in a big way. Once I had been there working by myself for several hours and starting to get the creeps when my boss walked in suddenly and scared me. I let out a scream that would wake up the dead. His responce was that he had to record my blood curdeling scream. Thus my scream can be heard in haunted houses around the world. It's been a fun life. Please message me if you love this design but need a size change to fit another width fabric perfect or to fit your personal project. All of my designs can be made smaller and many can go larger as well. Also if you would like a solid color to coordinate with one of my designs I can do that for you. Just tell me the color you want and include the page link with all inquiries. I can make changes usually in 24 hours or less. Thank you from Whimzwhirled.

All the Zombies A Girl Could Want

by whimzwhirled
Zombies by the yard or fat quarter. I spent many years working part time and several years working full time in the haunted house industry.
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