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Air Plants in Hanging Glass Terrariums fabric by amy_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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I am crazy for these plants! They are called tillandsia, epiphyte, but most commonly, air plants, tilly's sometimes too. They derive their food and water from the air. Talk about low maintenance! They have air roots at the base of the plant but these are strictly for attaching themselves to another tree, plant or whatever for support. They are beautiful when they bloom. The plants come in different sizes, and unusual shapes. They come from tropical climates and like humidity. You'll usually find them in the greenhouse in most nurseries. These hanging glass terrariums to house the air plants in are all the rage now. You can add sand, coral, shells, sea fans, driftwood, sea urchins, rocks, geodes as I've pictured in my design ~ I also added more tillys attached to the hanging cords. Lots of these lovely terrariums on etsy and they are so pretty! Can you tell I love these plants?....blah, blah blah, I could just go on and on, sorry!! This design is available as fabric, wallpaper, decals and gift wrap. Please use rulers at top and side of view window to determine size/scale of design, thank you.

Air Plants in Hanging Glass Terrariums

by amy_g
This is my entry in the Terrariums contest. I recommend in the Basic Cotton Ultra of the two basic cottons, brighter colors.
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