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Tutti- Fruitti Tote fabric by krussimages on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Instructions for ONE bag (This is reversible! ) * All seams 1/4". The finished bag is approximately 18" square. 1. Trim away any unprinted fabric from pattern edges. 2. Cut fabric apart vertically along 3 white lines. 3. Fold each large bag piece separately, right sides together, top to top with the fold at the bottom. Press. 4. Measure and trim to square bag if necessary. 5. Stitch side seams. Press seams open. 6.Turn one bag right side out, slip it over bag that is inside out. Match side seams and top edges. Tutti-Frutti design will now be inside and outside your bag. The top is open. 7.Turn under top edges of both bags forming a fold/finished edge, right sides of fabric showing . Press. 8. Straps/handles: Trim strips to same width if needed. Sew long strips together on sides, right sides together. This forms one long tube of fabric 9. Turn tube right side out. Press. Cut in half for 2 handles or leave in one piece for a longer one. 11. Insert straps/ handles into bag between bag and lining at least 2". Adjust straps to the length that is comfortable for you. Pin or baste in place. 12. Stitch around the entire top edge of the bag, securing handles within top edge of bag.. Machine stitch twice if desired or instead use a secure hand stitch such as a blanket stitch. Press. OR For TWO bags: ( NOTE! You could use other fabric to line these bags and have 2 reversible totes. Just follow the directions above !) Follow directions above # 1-5 - Turn top edges of bags over 1/4" ( wrong side of fabric toward wrong side of fabric)and press. Turn them over again 1". This forms finished top edges. Press -Handles: Step #8 and then cut long strip in half . Follow #12 above. Go shopping and enjoy your reusable Tutti-Fruitti Tote !

Tutti- Fruitti Tote

by krussimages
The simplest of cut and sew shopping bags, one yard of 42" wide fabric will give you 2 unlined or 1 fully lined tote bag. Earth friendly!
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