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Reversible Shopping Tote Cut & Sew fabric by elramsay on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This easy and flexible pattern makes 1 sturdy reversible or 2 lightweight rollable bags.

Cut along the dotted lines
Fold the two 16x36 pieces with designs inside and sew along the 1/2" marked edges, keep the top open.
To make soft box corners:
Find the small purple triangles along the side seams and measure 3" in from each mark.
Cut those squares out.
Bring these two cut edges together and sew. Make sure this seam is strong.
Turn bags right-side out, Each should have a soft box bottom of about 4"

Add the straps:
Use the green "leaf-motif" pattern. For two bags, cut so you have 4 2.25"x36" pieces. Fold each in on themselves, pin and sew along both edges.
Line straps along the blue marks at top of each bag panel.
Determine how long you want them to be and then pin them into place.
If single-weight bag, sew securely to the inside of each bag. Reinforce with horizontal and vertical stitches.
Trim off excess material.

For reversible bag:
Turn one of the patterns inside out and slip it into the other bag, making sure they are lined up.
Measure your straps (since you only need 2, make them wider for comfort and extra strength).
Place straps between the bag layers at the blue marks and pin in place.
Fold in, iron and pin top seams in so two smooth edges line up.
Sew two seams together along top edge to finish the bag and hold in the straps (two parallel seams will make the bag stronger).

On 54" and 56" wide fabric, you get additional coordinating striped material that can be used to create interior pockets, as alternative handle material, as roll-up ties, or even to create a deeper bag!

Coordinating fabrics also available.

Reversible Shopping Tote Cut & Sew

by elramsay
Flexible pattern makes 1 sturdy reversible or 2 lightweight rollable bags. See details for instructions and links to more ideas. Design @elramsay
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