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Lily Boys Stamen Service fabric by dscougar on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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For the Lilies design challenge. It's almost time for my mother's yearly lecture about removing the stamens from the Easter lilies; ostensibly to help them last longer (although I suspect it was more about preventing us from spreading pollen all over the house as kids). A few of my flippant friends have made a similar argument for why childless gay men stay attractive into their golden years: if you don't put energy into reproducing, you'll stay fresher longer.'s the design that came out of that convoluted free-association. Original source photos courtesy of the illustrious Noodles and Beef, his pups, and their friends.

Lily Boys Stamen Service

by dscougar
Lily Boys know that blooms last longer if you give the stamen some attention. Original photos by Noodles and Beef‎
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