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Enchanted Castle vertical strip fabric by paul-ny on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This is the third option for getting a very large pattern onto 24" wide rolls of wallpaper. Here the individual panels are all 24" wide. It's a very large pattern. For fabric, the repeat should really be a 1/3-drop (twice), but as that's not available, I've made it a 1/2-drop and the shelves don't align, which looks a little strange but not totally impossible. But on wallpaper, the arrangement is up to you. If you order normally so that each new roll starts at the top of your wall, it's not the best solution: you won't get the full pattern unless your wall is nine feet high, and each of the nine shelf compartments in the image will just repeat itself from left to right. To fill the wall with the pattern as originally designed, your second roll of wallpaper would start with the fourth compartment down (i.e., not using the top 36 or 37" of wallpaper) and the third roll would start with the seventh compartment. You wouldn't want to waste all that wallpaper, and I'm sure it's possible to figure out a way to order rolls much longer than your wall is high, so that you would cut your second and third rolls from the first long one, in such a way that those other rolls wouldn't begin with the first compartment. If you're interested in this pattern at this huge scale, I think the only thing to do would be to map it all out beforehand, keeping in mind that each unit is 24" wide by 12.5" high and the repeat is after nine units. You can see on other versions of the pattern in this Enchanted Castle collection what those other shelves look like. Each version has a downside; I actually think the best one is the middle scale, which requires ordering both an A version and a B version, which fit together to make the full pattern. I'm very sorry that the book this illustration comes from (it's the endpaper) is out of print. It is still in libraries, though, and as of this writing, on or amazon.

Enchanted Castle vertical strip

by paul-ny
This pattern has nine different panels, stacked. Repeat seen here isn't optimal. See Additional Details for additional details.
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