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Love and Tears fabric by ladyrattus on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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I can honestly say, Dali was one of the great loves of my life. And yes she was a rat. <3 I found her in a petstore (I never buy from pet shops). It was scorching hot, no aircon. The puppies in the window were suffering the terrible heat and when I went closer to see if they were okay I saw Dali, lying on the floor of her glass hot box, heaving with heat exhaustion. It was just awful. What the petshop owner then said was just horrid, so after searching every nearby store for a cage, we went back, gave her a wad of cash and Dali and her sisters Matisse and Monet came home with us. Dali was tiny. She was dark chocolate brown with adorable little white gloved hands. So loving and affectionate. Rats are incredible companions and Dali was amazing. All our rescues get a backstory, a history that describes their character. Dali was a jewel thief and cat burglar (tho she never told me what she needed all those cats for, I suspect she was building a kitty army) and rumour has it she was also a secret spy! Truth is she was a jewel herself, more precious to me than any diamond, any gemstone. When she passed away my heart shattered. The grief was incredible and I cried for so long, I could never imagine a time i wasn't crying. That's the beauty of more rescues... they come along and put your heart back together. It's never quite the same, but it's always stronger. There will always be tears when they go, but there will always be love. Thank you, Dali. Love you. Miss you, sweet girl.

Love and Tears

by ladyrattus
For Dali. You will always be more precious than any jewel. Love you. Miss you.
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