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So I started doing this toile for International Women's day and was thinking of the most inspirational women etc... but then I heard of this charity... set up by a man called Oliver Percovich which allows girls to go to school in Afghanistan. In a time when girls risk their lives by going to school, the Taliban have ok-d it for them to go to Skateboarding school because the Qu'ran does not disallow it... so Percovich has set up a school for skateboarders where they can learn other things such as maths, reading, and writing, because its not seen by the government as a proper school. This to me is surely what the spirit of International Women's day is all about... independence and education. The flowers represent their innocence and there are ghosts hiding in the background. Red is a traditional colour for toiles, and in this case also represents the blood spilt in the conflicts there, of all sides, as everyone was a child once and played happily with their friends. Please support Skateistan by going to their website. They also run international link-ups and schools all over the world.

by lusyspoon
Skateistan is a charity that teaches girls in Afghanistan how to read, write, and skate...
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