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The Love Bird Blues fabric by mulberry_tree on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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The tale of two love birds who don't see eye to eye. It begins with one questioning the other (????), followed by the second bird replying 'Eep? Peep meep toot? Cheeep?'(please note the tapping foot of disapproval, too). Obviously this reply was not what the first bird wanted to hear, so its response was, well, quite inappropriate for our delicate Spoonflower ears. And, even after the first bird finished using all the symbols on my keyboard, it was still in a bit of a mood, so it turned it's back on the other love bird and declared 'PFFT!', which pretty-much sums up what many people think about Valentine's Day. The end.

The Love Bird Blues

by: mulberry_tree
Oh dear, the love birds are fighting. Looks like Valentine's Day isn't going to set any hearts a flutter this year . . .
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