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Every Year Aunt Debbie Knits Me Another Sweater fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Thankfully, I never had an Aunt Debbie that was into knitting, to make me dread opening presents every year. But I did have an Aunt Harriet who sent me savings bonds for college for every holiday. Nothing like being eight years old and being given something entirely utilitarian that I would have to wait until I was 18 to even use.
Then there was Aunt Mildred (who used the name Margaret) that I had only met once. She thought trendy white patent leather go go boots would be perfect for me. I don't know why.
So this design is dedicated to every child who ever had a relative that did not really know them, so sent presents based on what they thought the child should be like. And it is especially dedicated to those children (and even teens and adults) who got hand knit sweaters that didn't fit, mis-matched their personalities, or were of questionable taste.

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Every Year Aunt Debbie Knits Me Another Sweater

by edsel2084
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