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Halloween Monster Bonnet fabric by hollyko on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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The size is for a baby or small child. Finished length (from top of head to bottom of bonnet will be approximately 10 1/2 inches, best for a head with a circumference of about 16" to 19"). I used the Instructions: Halloween Monster Bonnet 1 - Cut Out pieces. 2 - Sew Horns, leaving the 1/2 inch seam allowance edge open. 3 - Sew Horns into top Dart on Outside Bonnet piece, positioning each one as deep in as possible. 4 - Close Darts; on neck edge of bonnet pieces, and top of head on lining pieces. 5 - Sew Center back seams together, for outside and lining bonnet pieces 6 - Sew teeth together, leaving the 1/2 inch seam allowance edge open. 7 - Baste teeth to outside bonnet, notch at center seam, and on the right side of fabric. 8 - Sew outside and Lining pieces right sides together, leave an opening for turning. Take care not to sew the opening for casing closed. 9 - Sew ties together to make one long tie. Then sew together the long way, wrong sides together. Trim close to stitching. 10 - To form casing sew 3/8 inch from finished lower edge. 11 - Sew eyes right sides together, leave opening for turning. Sew on toOutside of bonnet where the grey dot is! 12 - Enjoy!!! (if you have some poly fill you could stuff some in the horns, and eyes, to puff them up a bit.

Halloween Monster Bonnet

by hollyko
A goofy cute Halloween Monster Bonnet! Dress your little monster up for Halloween, or everyday!!
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