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Kissogram Cut and Sew! fabric by patchinista on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Amy Pond for Halloween? Easy! Here's her Kissogram costume from the Eleventh Hour... There's three vest pieces, a mini skirt, a hat band and a cravat. All you need to add is a white buttondown shirt, nylons (and if you don't have the ones with the seam up the back, here's a trick - draw the line on your leg with a marker or eyeliner before pulling on your nylons.) and black flat shoes. If you want to deck it out with a black belt with police tools, that would just add to the effect - the dollar store has handcuffs, radios, etc., that could be spray painted black and strapped to your belt. This was designed for a woman with a bit more of a Donna figure than an Amy figure, but it can easily be trimmed down. There's no seam allowances printed on this because knit doesn't unravel. If you want to make this even a bit more realistic, add a layer or two of fleece or batting behind the front parts of the vest. The vest overlaps in the front - Amy's has a flap covering a zipper. Use velcro, sew them together, whatever you want to close it. (I overlapped them, pinned them and then sewed them shut - the neck opening is plenty large to pull over the head.) You may need a bust dart in the front under the "reflective tape." The skirt is also fairly large - probably an XL - and can easily be fitted to your body. Just make sure to keep the "zipper" in the center of the back. Use one of the long skinny scraps of leftover fabric to help with the cravat - fold the cravat piece over the center, tie it around your neck with the knot in the back, and hide the tie under your collar and the ends under the back of your vest. If you want to go all out, wear a skinny gold watch and red nail polish. Oh, and the requisite long red wig!! Please post pictures if you make this!

Kissogram Cut and Sew!

by patchinista
Want to have your very own Kissogram costume? Here you go! Designed to be printed on Performance Knit, here's the vest, skirt, hat band and cravat.
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