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A jellyfish costume in the form of a shower-cap style hat with tentacles. This is a no-sew or minimal sewing costume. Underneath the jellyfish hood you would wear simple plain white or plain black clothing (or bright pink or blue to match if you happen to have them!). A ra-ra skirt would not go amiss if you want to be an extra floofy jellyfish.

You need exactly one yard of any fabric to make the jellyfish hat. The width of this file copes with all the current Spoonflower fabric widths - you just get shorter or longer tentacles (from 30 inches onwards).

For the no-sew method, you will need to trim the selvedge off the bottom of the tentacles and the entirety of the sides (where it has been roughly cut from the roll by Spoonflower staff); but you can keep the selvedge along the edge above the arcs with the rings which will be at the top of your eventual jellyfish. Also cut along the white lines dividing up the tentacles - being careful to stop at the base of what will become the cup and headband at the top. Any fraying of the fabric on the tentacles is a jellyfish feature and not a design bug.

Next, use a twelve inch strip of sticky tape (approx) on the back of the fabric to join the 2 sides of the jellyfish at the top end around into a cylinder, ie the printed side of the fabric will temporarily be on the inside, leaving the tentacle portion of the fabric loose. Gather up the fabric at the very top of the jellyfish and secure it tightly with an elastic band so that no selvedge will be showing, just the printed fabric, when you turn the whole thing right sides out.

This little bunch of fabric will sit on the crown of your head which in turn becomes part of the crown of the jellyfish under its cup, so you might want to splay out the selvedge a bit to get it to sit nicely. There should then be some space between your head and the jellyfish cup and enough fabric to get it to bunch back in again when you secure it just above the top of the tentacles with a thin elastic headband or a piece of string, white wool or similar tied around the head. You will probably find it easiest to first secure the headband and then gently pull up the cup part of the fabric all the way around to let it flop out naturally and leave just the tentacles dangling beneath.

The sewn method is broadly similar but you cut around the arcs at the top end (leaving enough fabric outside the arcs to finish off your seams) and sew them into the cup shape - including the unlinked sides. So you also need to leave a little of the unprinted fabric as part of your seam allowance for joining the arcs at each far side.

You are not going to sew all the way to the top of the tentacles. Instead you first form a right-side-inwards loop of fabric, somewhere within the 2 inches between the bottom of the arcs and the top of the tentacles, into which you will later thread some elastic to fit your head or a string tie which will be less visible and less likely to slip than one placed outside the fabric in the no-sew method.

Other colours and stylings of this design are available on request. Eg you might want something more cthulhoid in green with actual eyes printed onto the fabric rather than jellyfish rings. For a completely white jellyfish, you don't need Spoonflower at all - just a yard of cheap, plain white fabric from anywhere.

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jellyfish hat costume

by sef
A jellyfish costume in the form of a shower-cap style hat with tentacles.
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