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Despite their reputation as stern and severe moralists in high buttoned collars and spectacles, the Victorians were really a trippy psychedelic lot. They loaded ornamentation on top of ornamentation, put pineapples at the bottom of chair legs, and even were known to have special dishes and forks for things like asparagus. Who can really look at what these people left behind and not think they were having fun?
And, as for all the myth about them not having any hanky panky and never, ever letting any limbs show because they were indecent? Isn't the fact that you are here proof that can't be true? Your mother came from somewhere, and her mother came from somewhere. And they did not have IVF in Victorian days. And kids don't come from cabbage patches.
This design is my attempt to channel the Victorian aesthetic for modern times. It is full of stars, and bubbles, casual flowers, leaves, and buds, and tangled branches and vines. I can almost hear William Morris screaming from his grave about how much work he had to do to get a design to look like this, and how easy we have it with computers.
There is no actual William Morris art in this abstract graphic, but I think it feels like it could have been offered by his firm.

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Victorian Excess

by edsel2084
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