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One-Yard Costume: TMNT fabric by implexity on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES RED: Raphael (Raph) – The team's bad boy, Raphael wears a dark red mask and wields a pair of sais. He has an aggressive nature and seldom hesitates to throw the first punch. He is often depicted with a Brooklyn accent. His personality can be alternately fierce and sarcastic, and often times delivers deadpan humor. Still, he is intensely loyal to his brothers and sensei. He is named after the Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance, Raphael. BLUE: Leonardo (Leo) – The courageous leader and devoted student of martial arts, Leonardo wears a blue mask and wields two, long and razor-sharp katanas that slice through nearly anything solid. He is the oldest of the four. Leonardo was named after the Italian polymath, scientist, engineer, inventor, anatomist, and painter, Leonardo da Vinci. PURPLE: Donatello (Don or Donnie) – The scientist, inventor, engineer, and technological genius, Donatello wears a purple mask and wields two long bo staffs, indicating that he is quite extremely skilled and proficient in bojutsu techniques. Donatello is perhaps the least violent turtle, preferring to use his knowledge to solve conflicts. He is named after the early Renaissance Italian artist and sculptor from Florence, Donatello. ORANGE: Michelangelo (Mike or Mikey) – Easy-going, fun-loving, jokster, and free-spirited being, Michelangelo wears an orange mask and wields a pair of nunchakus. He is the youngest of the four Turtles, and often provides the comic relief. While he loves to relax and eat pizza, this Turtle also has an adventurous and creative side. He is something of the "surfer" boy, speaking usually in a Southern California accent. He is named after the Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer, Michelangelo. His name was originally misspelled "Michaelangelo" by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman.

One-Yard Costume: TMNT

by implexity
Applique shells to a green hoodie. Quilt for added depth. Add mask, belt, and bands in your choice of turtle. Voila! Hero on a Half Shell!
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