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My Daddy Bought an Edsel ad (green) fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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When the Edsel was introduced for sale in September of 1957, the Ford Motor Company created hundreds of advertisements, in various sizes and configurations, that their dealers could use to place in newspapers and magazines. All the dealer had to do was put his name and address at the bottom.
But dealers were always free to create their own ads, or have the newspaper's art department create an ad that was not part of the corporate package.
This is one of those non-corporate ads. It ran in several issues of the Main Line Times during 1958 and promotes a downtown Philadelphia dealership. (The suburban area known as the Main Line also had a dealership in Paoli, which did not advertise in the Main Line Times).
What makes this ad special to me (besides that I lived on the Main Line when growing up, and that it is a rare non-corporate ad) is that my daddy really did buy a brand new Edsel for my mother to drive me in the kindergarten carpool, when I was five. This ad is specifically for the 1958 model with its push button Teletouch transmission and remote trunk opening feature (neither of which my car, which is a 1960 model, has).
Alas, my daddy didn't buy an Edsel because he was smart or because it went zoom. He bought it because he was cheap. The marque had been discontinued on the day that he arranged its purchase, and a friend of his who worked at a different dealership (Alexander Motors in Trenton NJ) offered any Edsel still on their lot to him, at dealer cost, so they could unload them.
I still have that Edsel (which is the 2084th or 2846 made, creating my Spoonflower name, Edsel2084). And now, all of today's children, whose daddies bought and enjoy vintage Edsels can have tote bags, or whatever they want to make, with this ad too.
Original ad was white on black, like this, not green.

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My Daddy Bought an Edsel ad (green)

by edsel2084
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