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Arts and Crafts and Stars fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Arts and crafts, in this case, refers to the Victorian through World War One graphic and architectural style, and not what some eight-year-old made with construction paper in school.
This star spangled horizontal stripe, that is full of scallops and twisted threads, and ram horn trumpets, has that arts and crafts (aka craftsman) feeling. It isn't art nouveau, though it has twists and curls related to that. And it isn't quite art deco because it has more tradition based ornamentation. Deco went for streamline and moderne.
But it does have a 1920's feeling, even if it wasn't the latest and trendiest style of that time. And it does create a diagonal check tile pattern of sorts, if you look past the horizontal scallops and see the background diamond and square forms.

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Arts and Crafts and Stars

by edsel2084
To see more of this artist's work use they keyword 2084 alone or in combination with a subject word such as 2084+Persian.
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