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Bang bang fabric by melinda_wolf_designs on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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I believe anything can be beautiful through the eyes of an artist, and I see beauty in the powerful and dangerous elements surrounding our fragile lives. I believe a gun is a powerful tool for good or evil as we choose just as a kitchen knife or a mouth is (wouldn't it be nice if only kind people had one?). I wanted to publicly support our right to bear arms but the thought of wearing pink camo makes me cringe. It's just not my style. This pattern, however, I will proudly wear in a feminine silk blouse and I'll sew my own gun tote in 'cotton duck' to take to my local gun range. Do you think a thief or rapist will think twice about choosing me as a victim when I'm wearing this? I do :) Anyways, I dedicate this design to the 100,000 crimes that are stopped by every year gun owners that the media don't seem to notice. These crimes end in far less human injury and property damage statistically than crimes where people wait for the police to stop the 'bad guy' till it's too late and the damage is done. If you buy this print, I promise to use all the proceeds to buy amo for my pretty pink handgun so if the times comes for me to protect you or someone like you, I can be prepared. My debut fabric line this year will carry out this theme of dangerous beauty, and if you check back I think you will be surprised and delighted with my creations. Please buy my print, I would really like to share this pattern with you and in turn be inspired by what you create with it :)) Thank you!

Bang bang

by: melinda_wolf_designs
A clever pattern of flowers among handguns in cheerful colors. Makes people take a second glance when they realize they're seeing beautiful weapons!
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