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Augustus Gander - pencil roll fabric by moirarae on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Augustus comes from a long line of distinguished ganders - his father was a guard you know. Unfortunately Gussie - as he is known by his nearest and dearest - is a hopeless dreamer - he is madly in love with Lucie.

He dresses eccentrically from his red bowler hat, down to his pure white spats!

He's an old fashioned guy but he does have a creative side, although unlike Lucie he prefers his pencils in rainbow order.

If you'd like a single FQ of Lucie go to: LUCIE

Order a yard and it will make four unlined pencil rolls or you could back to back them and you'd get two lined ones... Lucie lined with Lucie or Gussie lined with Gussie ... or perhaps Gussie on the outside and Lucie on the inside or vice versa! Oh What fun!

If you need a little help with the sewing this visual aid will help - originally done for the knitting needle tidies but equally applicable here: HOW TO MAKE TIDIES

Augustus Gander - pencil roll

by moirarae
Meet Augustus - his nearest and dearest know him as Gussie - he's real toff!!
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