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Goosey Lucie - pencil roll fabric by moirarae on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Goosey Lucie is in LOVE with colour, all colours in wild and fun combinations, she's a real wild child,a free spirit and when not creating masterpieces with her colour pencils she expresses her individuality through the medium of dance. She doesn't believe that her pencils need to be in rainbow order - or in any order at all come to that - she lets them go where they will, that way she says you'll have those happy moments of serendipity when you find two colours, or even three, work splendidly together. Of course she does have her favourite colours - you can tell by the way some of the pencils are now getting very short - she has even dyed her pearls to match her eyes and her shoes to contrast brilliantly with her slender orange legs!

If you would like to see Lucie in her Cleopatra costume - I am sure you'd love it - she is the star of the Spring Quilt Collection - go to: Lucie as Cleopatra

You may have noticed - if you were really quick - that Lucy has changed her name to Lucie. This is all because she has met a bright young gander named Augustus, although his nearest and dearest refer to him as Gussie. If you'd like an FQ of Gussie go to: GUSSIE

Order a yard and you get two Goosey Lucies and two Gussie Ganders! That is four unlined pencil rolls or you could back to back them and you'd get two lined ones... Lucie lined with Lucie or Gussie lined with Gussie ... or perhaps Gussie on the outside and Lucie on the inside or vice versa! Oh What fun!

Oh, and if you need a little help with the sewing this visual aid will help - originally done for the knitting needle tidies but equally applicable here - gives you lovely neat mitred corners: HOW TO MAKE TIDIES

Goosey Lucie - pencil roll

by moirarae
Roll-up your favourite pencils with Goosey Lucie!
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