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sherbet owl pencil case kit fabric by scrummy on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Cute tube pencil case! Not the easiest to make, but my fave shape for pencils (or make up). The piping is a nice extra, but it's an easier case to make without it.
This piped and lined tube pencil case is made in 2 parts ~ the inner, and outer layer. Seam allowances are included. You will need a 7" zip and about 20" of piping cord.
Lining layer: Fold the lining rectangle in half (right sides together) to make a rectangle (landscape). Sew 1" in on both sides 1/2" from the top. Press the seam and gap. This will make the opening for the zip. Pin a lining circle to one open end of the tube. All the right sides need to be facing inwards. Sew all the way around (the circle is bigger so will have more excess to trim). Repeat for the other end.
Outer layer: Interface the outer pieces if you want to. Fold the outer rectangle in half right sides facing and sew 1" in on both sides 1/2" down from the top (for the zip). Press the seam and gap. Make the piping using a zipper foot, the cord and the striped strips. Trim excess. Attach the piping to the circles with the 'to show' edge facing inwards. Remember the piping needs to be inset from the edge so it fits the main body (baste first to get the positioning right if that helps). With the piping overlap at the bottom (furthest from the zip hole) pin the circles onto the open ends right sides facing inwards and sew. Turn right side out and check. Go back in and out as necessary to get the piping neat and even with no stitches showing.
Now put the inner layer inside the outer layer. Insert the opened zip between the two layers, pin and baste. Carefully machine sew all around the zip opening. Remove the hand stitches.
The bottom left corner piece is an extra! Use to make a hanging loop or maybe a secret pocket :) (revised since making it myself)

sherbet owl pencil case kit

by scrummy
owl pencil case kit
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