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snakes and ladders fabric by novelatelier on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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You give me a ladder now I surely believe I'll climb It don't even matter now I'm willing to take my time - Joan Osborne A kiva is a room used by modern Puebloans for religious rituals, many of them associated with the kachina belief system. Among the modern Hopi and most other Pueblo peoples, kivas are square-walled and underground, and are used for spiritual ceremonies. Similar subterranean rooms are found among ruins in the American southwest, indicating ritual or cultural use by the ancient peoples of the region including the Ancient Pueblo Peoples, the Mogollon and the Hohokam. Those used by the ancient Pueblos of the Pueblo I Era and following, designated by the Pecos Classification system developed by archaeologists, were usually round, and generally believed to have been used for religious and other communal purposes.

snakes and ladders

by novelatelier
You're givin' me crooked answers I'm crackin' your little code I'm learnin' another language So full it's about to explode
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