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Lady Godiva and her Sea Horse is a mixed media painting I did a few days ago. I let my imagination run away with me when painting (and writing the description above!) I did not set out to paint the sea, but went with the flow! The sea seemed a far more exuberant and delightful backdrop than the streets of Coventry! According to legend, Lady Godiva took pity on the inhabitants of Coventry and pleaded with her husband constantly to reduce their taxes. Her husband, Leofric Earl of Mercia said he would only repeal the heavy taxes that he charged his tenants if she rode through the crowded marketplace naked! As legend goes, she requested that the inhabitants of Coventry close their doors and windows and stay inside, then completed the ride covered only by her long hair, which was so long that only her legs were visible. Afterwards her husband later repealed the heavy taxes for the people of Coventry.

Lady Godiva and her Sea Horse

Lady Godiva and her beloved horse, both with lustrous abundant flowing locks and mane. A twinkling starry night and the cover of darkness bring a splash of freedom, euphoria and escapism as they frolic in the waves, carefree.
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