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Glow Worm Hill  fabric by whimzwhirled on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Chester Illinois for the annual Popeye festival and parade. A group of crazies called the Banana Bike Brigade would join us and we all camped together in a big beautiful campsite there in Chester. About 40 people some years. The BBB are art bike creators. The people of Chester loved us and we were the star attraction at their little town parade there in the home of the creator of the Popeye. Every year we arrived Friday evening, set up camp. The next day was parade day and it was an all day party but ended fairly early in the evening as that is the way of small farming towns. So we'd all go back to camp to finish our partying. We were all pretty much on another planet with various forms of enlightenment consumed and when night time fell the rolling hills started to glow with little dots of neon. Being for the most part city folk we hadn't a clue what was going on and were amazed and "freaking out". lol A local came by and one of the guys grabbed him and insisted he come look at what we were seeing and he told us they were glow worms. He had a good laugh at us city folks and stayed and had a few beers with us. This desigh is Glow worm Hill and is about cherished memories.

Glow Worm Hill

by whimzwhirled
This design is about a trip I took once with friends. In the 90's a group of art car artist and myself drove our art cars from St. Louis to...
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