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le dejeuner sur l'herbe - petit! fabric by moirarae on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Picnic Furushiki - hobo style! Buy a yard cut it square and hem it or bind it. Place face down on a clean surface - put your food in the middle. If your worried about things leaking you could put them in a plastic bag first! Bring two opposing corners together and roll them over each other - and downwards toward the food. You now have a long narrow parcel with two points. Lay a long sturdy stick over the centre - crossways - tie the loose ends together over the stick in a secure knot. Lift it up, put it over your shoulder and... go!

le dejeuner sur l'herbe - petit!

By: moirarae
The lunch on the grass - small! As Manet would say "You've got the grass, the tartan rug, the river running by, flowers, sun, a clear blue sky and a naked lady... what else would you need?"
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