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Amy and the Raggedy Doctor Cut and Sew Tote Bag fabric by the_little_one on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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In depth directions (with pictures) for this piece will be provided once I receive the fabric and I can put it together! If you have experience on how to assemble tote bags with gusset bottoms, feel free to attempt this pattern before I can upload in depth directions. Everything is sewn with a 1/4 in. seam allowance. Step 1- Wash, iron and cut out fabric along bold, black lines. Step 2- Apply interfacing to outside fabric (the white rectangle with the design), the pocket (the small rectangle with Gallifrey symbols) and the straps (the long blue rectangle). Step 3- Apply accent fabric (the small blue rectangle with square gussets) to the outside fabric by folding over the top and bottom edges about 1/4 in. and using a top stitch to secure the piece in place. It should be placed directly in the center of the outside fabric, so that the gussets line up. Step 3- Fold outside fabric in half, right sides together. Stitch together both sides. Sew together the square gussets on the bottom. Step 4- Fold the pocket in half and top stitch about 1/8 in away from the fold. Apply it to the lining by folding over the sides and bottom about 1/4 in. Top stitch 1/8 in. away from the sides and bottom to secure it to the lining. Leave the top open. (So yknow, you can use the pocket.) Step 5- Cut the strap in half so you have two straps that measure 4 in. x 20~ in. Fold each strap in half and iron. Unfold. Fold the edges over to meet the crease down the center and iron again. Fold in half, sew together to create your strap. Step 6- Flip the outside fabric inside out. Pin straps in place. Place lining inside the outside fabric so the right sides are together and sew along the top of the bag, leaving a 4 in. gap to turn the bag. Step 7- Turn the bag inside out and top stitch around the top of the bag, closing the gap. Done!

Amy and the Raggedy Doctor Cut and Sew Tote Bag

by the_little_one
This is a cut and sew tote bag design featuring a super cute Doctor Who/Calvin and Hobbes design with Amy and her "imaginary friend" the Raggedy Doctor.
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