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Portrait of the artist (more than a few moons back) fabric by whimzwhirled on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This was one of those self challenges that I am always putting on myself to expand my soul and face my fears. It was everything I'd hoped for. Absolutely horrible to start but then became fun and never trashy. It was a bit weird for awhile going to local hang outs around town and seeing myself there buck naked on the walls of this or that cafe but it was also exhilarating to have my breakfast sitting right under a 24"x 36" print of naked me. lol The message is who I am. I have had a long journey as a peaceful warrior. Both striving for world peace and inner peace. You might say I was unsuccessful at them both but I wouldn't. A great teacher once told me it doesn't matter so much if you win the game to your expectations but that you direct your energy towards your goal. If you never see peace, at least you haven't empowered the opposite energies. Always have hope that the world will reach a point of critical mass and change will happen in the blink of an eye. Maybe not in this life but for the future of mankind. If like me you believe in many lives you just might get to come back and enjoy the change yourself, in another time. If not, so what! We all get to choose the things most important to us. The only guarantee is that we are on a circle of life, with many beginnings and endings that all bring us our life's lessons be it bitter or sweet.

Portrait of the artist (more than a few moons back)

by whimzwhirled
Yes, I am buck naked behind those long braids. lol My one and only nude art photo shoot with an awesome art portrait photographer, Michael Draga.
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