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Tainted Love-in-Idleness fabric by ladyrattus on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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To love like Oberon ** His love was true but cold and dark as had it Been slumbering in the cradle of the moon’s hidden sneer. The once plump and smiling bloom he plucked in courting, And wove throughout her wedding bower, Now gleamed like serpents’ fangs, their honey perfumed sap Glittering as it formed pearls of bright venom. His utterance of affection a trap, a snare, laced with thorns, And jagged nettles that rolled from his silver tongue to Cut and sting like razors, twisting, biting, angry. Tainted was his love and happiness nothing but a dream. Tainted was his love, but truer love had ne’er been. (Jasmin McAllister© 2002) Unexpectedly, my final design reminded me more of flowering jasmine (jasmine with an 'e' not as in my actual name that has no 'e') that flourishes on our midsummer nights.

Tainted Love-in-Idleness

by ladyrattus
"And with the juice of this I'll streak her eyes, And make her full of hateful fantasies." Oh Oberon, what tangled mess your love life has become.
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