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A Lemon, A Bowl of Lemon Leaves, and  Iced Tea fabric by anniedeb on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Lemons -- tart and sunny, a beautiful citrus fruit. The lemon tree is an evergreen native to Asia. Columbus brought the lemon with him to the Americas. Thai cooking uses lemon leaves and Italians use lemon leaves to wrap their cheeses. Lemon leaves can flavor tea just as the fruit. (But the leaves need to be fresh rather than dried or they will be bitter.) Here's an efficient way to use one lemon: 1. halve your lemon, squeeze one half of the lemon into your glass of iced tea, then sprinkle baking soda on the other lemon half and scrub your kitchen sink, then toss that half of the lemon into the garbage disposal and flip the switch to deoderize the disposal. Lemons -- you gotta love them! Fabric - 292 dpi - half drop repeat Wallpaper - 341 dpi - half drop repeat Decal - 292 dpi - half drop repeat Gift wrap - 472 dpi - half drop repeat

A Lemon, A Bowl of Lemon Leaves, and Iced Tea

by anniedeb
Refreshing at any time, but especially during the hot summer, a glass of iced tea is improved with lemon. My Citrus Fruits contest entry.
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