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Train of Thought fabric by whimzwhirled on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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.... the first person writes a random line that pops into their head and the passes the paper to the next player, who does the same and so on. The game never fails to produce some of the best surrealistic writings ever. It's a random mess that in the end finds a purpose and a voice sort of like the fabric design I have here. Taking images that had little to none content or connection and throwing them on the screen in the most random way I could, then cutting them up and pasting them back together until it felt finished. I call that play time. It's a fun exercise after chasing pixels all day trying for some elusive perfection. lol

Train of Thought

by whimzwhirled
Have you ever played the Train of Thought creative writing game? The game usually starts with a few friends gathered enjoying a couple beers, a piece of paper and a writing tool of some sorts....
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