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Electric Mating Dance of the Firefly (Synergy version) fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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When I was a child I thought fireflies were magic. And they were stupid too (which made them perfect for a small child's entertainment on a hot and sticky summer night).
Even as a first grader I could gather a whole peanut better jar's worth of them all by myself, and watch them blink like mother nature's little flashlights.
Of course my parents made me spill them back out of the jar and set them free before I went to bed every night.
When the next night came we were ready to play again.

So, when I heard that some studio, which had named some TV show that I had never even heard of, or seen, after the insect, was allegedly blocking artists ability to use that term, it got my dander up. Nobody owns a firefly. Not even the little first graders that caught them in jars.

Come and get me.

I drew fireflies and here they are, sitting on branches under the stars, amid the flowers, and flapping their wings to shine their little lights.

I was not the only person outraged that a corporation could even think they owned such a word. Ultimately fifteen people banded together as the Synergy Collective, to draw fireflies and co-ordinating fabrics. Here is the mission statement of the group:

Our inspiration is taken from the recent allegations that Etsy has been pulling designs tagged with "firefly" and other common words because of an uproar over the use of the tem in conjunction designs that, in their opinion, have infringed on the television show "Firefly."
While we support the right of Intellectual Property, we feel that keeping people from using a common word to describe a non-infringing design ... like actual fireflies... should not happen. Several of us were inspired to create designs that are centered around the insect and have nothing to do with the television property.

Here is the group link

his design belongs to the Synergy Challenge Collection: Synergy0001 (Firefly), and coordinates with other designs in the project. Learn more about this project at The Synergy Challenge Project
Collection #1 uses the colors #DEDD00 (chartreuse), #023F67 (cobalt blue), black, and white, and relates to fireflies. (file h76A, modified)

See also my design of the same name that is not in the Synergy Collective colors of navy and pale yellow/green.


Electric Mating Dance of the Firefly (Synergy version)

by edsel2084
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