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Love and Belonging First Born fabric by algebraworks on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Family It might seem surprising and a bit strange, however covering your head with a silky smooth scarf is the perfect method to keep your strands tangle-free and fit for the next day. More, these have the ability to maintain the top shape of a plaited or curly hairstyle for the next morning. In order to efficiently sport the style, pair it with a braided or bun updo. These will further increase the chance of avoiding any deterioration. Tie the square or triangle-shaped scarf around your head so that it keeps and covers your strands. Secure it with a loose and slight knot that won't cause any problems during the night. For preventing any discomfort place the knot on the crown area rather than on your neck to have a calm night

Love and Belonging First Born

by algebraworks
her long blonde tresses: hair, head of hair, mane, mop of hair, shock of hair; locks, curls, ringlets. cotton silk hair protector Tags: protect hair at night, night hair protection, hair protection, hair care tips for night, nighttime hair care Silk Sc
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