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Garden Tools and Gardening with Mobility Assistance 2013 fabric by disneymamom on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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I went several years without really doing large gardens waiting for assistance in different ways. This year as a neighbor loaded some dirt in my yard to fill in an area, I knew it was my time again! So I have successfully found how to do a garden again, little at a time. I use the walker to help carry my equipment which also includes a grabber to help pick up things that drop and also helps to put the seeds in neat order when you can not bend to do it. The tools on wooden handles are a bit upgraded children's garden tools that are perfect height to sit on walker and do the work. The other gardening tools/etc. are pretty clear.. gloves, sunblock, chapstick, seeds, water hose, the stages to gather the tools then to use them and prepare your garden through watering and finally you see the sprouts appear for a job well done! Personally, I do small sections of the ground per day. It takes me approximately 2 or 3 days start to finish to complete through the watering process to grow. It might be approx. 5 x 3 ft little gardens at a time. They add up. So, happy gardening and I am now going to learn for the first time how to enter this fabric into the weekly contest for next week! Thank you for looking and blessings to you and yours...

Garden Tools and Gardening with Mobility Assistance 2013

by disneymamom
For a new spring season, garden tools to use have been gathered and loaded onto a mobility walker for persons with limited mobility, yet love gardening..such as myself.
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