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Daisy Daisy pillow critter fabric by cison on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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1. Cut out shapes. Cut out one piece of backing for each of the front and rear circles. Also cut out wadding one half inch smaller than the front and rear circles. 2. Place the two pieces of each leaf right sides together and stich around, one half inch seam allowance, leaving the shorter side open. Snip the sedges, turn right side out and lightly stuff. 3. Layer the front circle with right side facing outwards, then the wadding, then the backing. Stitch all around the edge with a half inch seam allowance. 4. Take the top back circle and place right sides together with the backing. Stich across the straight edge. Repeat with the lower circle. 5. Turn right side out. Place the wadding between the top piece and the backing. Stitch around the round edge (right side facing). 6. Match up the petal cetres with the lines indicated on the front circle. Stitch into place. 7. Match up the back top and back bottom (pillow style), with the petals ponting towards the centre. Hint, this is easier to sew if the petals are lightly stuffed. Stitch all around the outside. 8. Cut out two circles of fabric 6 inches across (or one half inch less than the front circle. Stitch together leaving a 1 - 2 inch gap. Turn, fill with rice and stitch up the gap. You can also sew on a loop.

Daisy Daisy pillow critter

by cison
Cut and sew daisy pillow to fill with rice warmer
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