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Forward to 1886 (tiny ornate raspberry patches) fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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If they had computers in the 1880's instead of waiting until the 1980's, graphics of the era might have looked something like these small diamonds inside ovals that are between ornate borders of raspberry ink. But they didn't have computers so we get the Victorian/Edwardian/Gothic elements borrowed from their art styles which gives you little seeds and petals and hearts and curled vine tendrils inside that block border structure.
This is s monochrome design. There is no white, just a pale pink which becomes a purplish burgundy at its darkest. There is only one color used here. I know because I made it that way. This was actually a full color drawing converted by computer to sepia, and that sepia was switched to raspberry. That is how I know there really is only the one color here.
My monitor shows the details of this design poorly. Use the zoom mode to see what the monitor does not display well.

(file j36g9)

Forward to 1886 (tiny ornate raspberry patches)

by edsel2084
To see more of this artist's work you may use the keyword 2084.
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