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cuddly cthulhu cushion cover fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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My idea of a critter pillow slip is a pillow-case entirely covered with critters - such as the ants and spiders ones I made for a friend (and which have already gone on a field trip), rather than a soft toy. And what could be cuddlier than cthulhu - with all those tentacles to hug you back?!

On a full yard of sateen (with a resized file), you would get 2 standard pillow-cases. On a fat quarter of anything, eg basic cotton, you get 2 cushion covers which would fit over 8 inch square pads that you heat or chill in a microwave or fridge respectively. Alternatively, a knit FQ could be turned into simple pockets with top fastenings for conventional hot-water-bottles. The current layout is sized for FQs rather than a yard. It features both icy and fiery versions of cthulhu - to reflect the possible cushion pad types.

Unlike a full yard layout, FQs will only have one selvedge end that shouldn't need to be hemmed - just folded over and ironed in place to conceal the unprinted area inside the cover. After cutting the fabric into its two component cushion covers (and trimming the unprinted sides), the other open end of each strip will need hemming before folding. Then a decision must be made as to which end will form the larger pocket that holds the inner pillow or cushion pad in place.

If the selvedge is wide, that end should be the major turnover. Otherwise, with a narrow selvedge, there will be fewer layers to sew simultaneously if the hemmed end forms the major turnover. To make the cover with French (hidden) seams, it should first be assembled right-sides-out. The bottom fold will not be quite halfway along the strip as the two top folds should be unequal rather than of matching depth. Try this out before ironing and pinning in place, so that you have 8" of depth for the cushion pad and enough turnover on one side of the top to hold it in place. Refer to the linked photos and layout above.

The width of each trimmed strip is 9 inches of printed fabric, with about ½ inch seam allowance on each side to leave 8 inches when finished. The first (right-sides-out) seam should be no more than ¼ inch and can be made with a zig-zag stitch if the fabric seems prone to fraying - as this will hold the threads in.

Turn the whole thing inside out and iron those seams as tightly as they will go against the joined line of fabric. Repeat the seams with a straight stitch to fully enclose the original edges inside the French seam. Turn right sides out again and tidy up any stray threads.

When you insert the cushion pad into the cover, tuck the top of it into the major turnover to hold it in place. The other turnover merely tidies its hem or selvedge out of sight.
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cuddly cthulhu cushion cover

by sef
Make 2 pillow or cushion covers from 1 yard or fat quarter.
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