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Siberian Tiger Pillow Slip fabric by snigne on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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1. Start by cutting out the fabric by the gray lines and pattern. You can leave back and front pieces connected to save time or you can cut the two apart if you wish. Zigzag the edges and NOTE that the tiger’s “back” are longer than its ”stomach”. The extra length will be folded inside the pillowslip, so that the pillow stays in place. 2. Fold the fabric front to front and sew every ”body part” together separately. The inseam should be 5 mm as you sew the parts together - leaving an unfinished opening. 3. Turn the fabric and decide if you want to stuff the head, ears, tale and/or legs? You could use the leftover fabric. You can also leave them, if you want the pillowslip to be flatter. 4. Finish the pillowslip by closing up the openings and sewing the body parts together by hand.

Siberian Tiger Pillow Slip

by snigne
This design is made for the Critter pillow slip cut & sew Contest. It will fit a square pillow of 18 x 18 cm.
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This design is not yet for sale, but sign up and send Snigne a message if you'd like to buy it.


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