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African_Zulu_Valentine_ Bead _Letter by Sylvie fabric by art_on_fabric on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This one says " My heart bleeds with love for you. My love is pure and true. If I were a dove I'd fly through blue skies to reach you! I am Lonely waiting for you. I am growing impatient, losing hope that you will marry me." ........................................ White beads = Symbol of Hope, Purity, Cleanliness and True Love. Red Beads = Intense Love, Longing, My heart bleeds with Love for you! Blue Beads = Faithfulness, If I were a dove, I'd fly through the blue skies to reach you! Turquoise beads = Impatience, I'm losing hope that you will marry me. Black Beads = Loneliness/ also Grief, My heart turns as black as the rafters of the hut, I hear you have another maiden.

African_Zulu_Valentine_ Bead _Letter by Sylvie

By: art_on_fabric
African Zulu's of South Africa write each other love letters using beads. Entry into the African Inspired contest. By Sylvie Heasman.
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