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1996, A Love Letter - in chalkboard, extra-large fabric by hootenannit on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Full text reads: "I love the way you scowl at me, as though it is my fault and my fault alone that the sun has risen. I love the way your face lights up with glee and you wave your arms madly when I enter the room, even though I left but moments ago. I love the way you drink in everything around you, missing no sound, no motion, no far-off bird or airplane. I secretly love your elfin ears, and hope that they will never round out completely. I love the impossible tininess of the ten perfect little toes on your ever-dancing feet. I love the way you cling to me in slumber, heavy on my shoulder, secure that all is well while you rest in my arms. I love the moments of calm, respite from the storm of your intensity, when I can dream of your future, and all the surprises it may hold. I do love these memories, and today… I love that you, so tall and independent now, understand that every grown man is still his mother's baby in her heart."

1996, A Love Letter - in chalkboard, extra-large

by hootenannit
A different kind of love letter... (also in 18" and 9" repeats)
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