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British History Scarf fabric by delireus on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Being an avid (ancient) British history fan, I endeavored to surround myself with some of the most important and iconic dates in British history. Using the BBC sanctioned timeline as well as a few history books, I’ve compiled over 120 key dates, broken down into 6 major timeline categories; Neolithic and Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman Britain, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, Norman Britain, Middle Ages, and Tudor England. In what year did the Britons throw off their allegiance to Rome? When did Henry of Anjou marry Eleanor of Aquitaine? These are just some of the dates listed on this scarf. The dates go from 4500 BC, when farming techniques were introduced, allowing for communities to grow, to 1559 AD, when Queen Elizabeth, last of the Tudors, was crowned queen.

I made my scarf into an infinity scarf, which means it will be one big loop in the end. To make this scarf, you just need 1 yard. I highly recommend ordering it in the Organic Cotton Knit, as it’s very soft, thick, and a lovely off-white color, making a great background for the text. I’ve included 2 red lines with scissors, indicating where to cut the fabric. There will be about 14 inches of blank fabric on the right of the design, the scarf didn’t need to be terribly wide. So, cut along these red lines. Now, you should have two 21x36 inch pieces (and the blank 14x36 piece, which you may discard, we won’t be needing it).

Now, line up the two pieces so you have one long timeline with two columns. Your left piece should be on top of the right piece, so that the date 597 AD, which is on the bottom left of the left piece, is above date 616 AD, which is on the top right of the right piece. Place right sides of the fabric together, line the edges up, pin it, and sew it at ½ inch seam allowance.

Now, you have one very long, two columned scarf with text on one side. If you’d like, you can keep your scarf like this. I wanted my scarf to be thicker and decided to make an infinity scarf. If you decide to do this as well, here’s what you need to do.

Lay your scarf out with the text facing up. Now, take the left edge and fold it over till it matches with the right edge. Pin the edges together and sew at a ½ inch or less seam allowance. Turn it right side out. Now you’ve got a British history tube, tadaa!

Here comes the tricky part. We need to sew the two open ends together. With some fenageling, I was able to sew almost all of tube closed with a sewing machine, turning the edges in, pinning them, and sewing with a ½ inch or less seam allowance, but I had to leave a 4 inch hole and hand sew it closed to finish it. I used a slip stitch for the hand sewing part. I tried matching up the seam on the left side of the scarf and sewing from there (tried, being the key word here). If you don’t mind seeing the stitching, you could tuck one opening into the other and just run that through the machine. Honestly, when you’re wearing it, no one will see this part as your scarf will probably be all bundled up, so do whatever you find to be the easiest. All finished, the scarf measures about 9 1/2 inches wide by about 70 inches long if you make an infinity scarf. These measurements may change depending on if you fold it over, leave it one long piece, or make an infinity scarf, it's all up to you!

My scarf was inspired by those made by Storiarts on etsy . I could go on and on about how adorable these are, go see for yourself! However, my heart does not lie in fiction, but in the actual history of Great Britain. I designed and made this scarf for myself foremost, making sure to include my personal favorite dates and people. Some dates you might consider extremely important may be missing, or perhaps the description of each date or person might be contrary to what you’ve read before. I mainly used the BBC’s timeline, linked above, and wrote each description in my own words, primarily because I had to shorten their descriptions to fit into the scarf. I sincerely apologize if there are any typos or incorrect information, I checked everything TWICE, but things do happen.

Note, this is not a credited history timeline, don’t whip it out in a history class to prove a point, unless that point is how cool you are because you have a British history scarf (in which case, you’ve won that argument). This is meant to be fun, I made it because I LOVE British history and now I can carry my favorite moments in time around with me everywhere.

British History Scarf

by delireus
Simply a short and soft history of Great Britain. A timeline of British history, starting at 4500 BC and going to 1559 AD, ready to be sewn into a warm scarf!
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