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Happy Birthday Wombat! fabric by jennartdesigns on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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In 4th grade we learned about Australian flora and fauna, and during one of our lessons the teacher introduced us to this furry creature. One of the kids turned around in his chair, pointed to me, and said, "hey, isn't WOMBAT your last name??" and laughed hysterically.

As a 10 year old my witty response was "Uh, no," but I should've bombarded him with tons of Wambach factoids and I never would have heard another word about it: My last name is "Wambach", German for "marsh brook" -- or swamp (how lovely). I sometimes say the last half of my name is "Bach like the composer", pronounced the same and a much nicer association than a sedentary patch of black goo. There's a village somewhere in Germany with the same name, and the Olympic soccer star Abby Wambach is my 3rd cousin once removed. My great grandfather and her great-great grandfather were brothers.

In elementary school the Wambach/wombat thing wasn't one bit funny, but I'm glad I can laugh about it now and be inspired instead of insulted.

Last night I was sitting here thinking about why I decided on a birthday theme, and then I realized, duh, a milestone birthday is only two months away for me! It must be on my subconscious mind... or something. :-/

Happy Birthday Wombat!

by jennartdesigns
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